nedeľa, 18. januára 2015

/ MY WORK / - interior design of kitchen

This client ask me with some help of reorganized kitchen place which already was after reconstruction. So what I did, was that I add a lot of hiden places where are windows. This white color of furniture is simply and place make bigger than are. Bring more lights. So whole wall where are windows is full of storage space you do not see, or see shelves. Client wanted a tv so there was a empty and free wall for that opposite the kitchen, like in the dining room. Whole places looks bigger than it is. 
Excuse for that mess. They didnt know I will come for make a picture:)



utorok, 30. septembra 2014

/ MY WORK / - Reconstruction of foyer


This small  foyer, less then 5m2, need to be reorganized and switched to a place for closet and place where you can have a seat when you are footwearing. Client need some more space for closet and some mirror. That was one of important thing. So I add one closet for shoes, where you can save more than 40 pairs of shoes. As a dominant of this space is a  sitting place which is still not done yet. There supposed to be a wallpaper as a sand. My client loves nature.  On the right side of this small foyer I add a lot of mirrors, the big one is on the closet and smaller one makes place bigger than is. On the left side I add place for hang on your coats or handbags. Small foyer with big space for use it.


that bluecolor of furniture seems like blue but its grey

colors of furniture are: warm grey and vanilla, with bronz mirrors and bronz heater.

Look at my other work of reconstruction of house. Just have a look

utorok, 23. septembra 2014

time will show you...

Time will show you what changed and what to be need to change. Sometimes you can see that time stopped...

This weekend we spend time in Michalovce. Look at that what komunizmus made by this town
Such a shame

piatok, 19. septembra 2014

/ tiene / shadows /

                                          Shadows / Tiene / nadhera / beautifull /

Still the same But beautifull colors